Arctic Biome!

Animals Found in the Arctic- Arctic Fox, Killer Whale, Narwhal, Seals, Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Skunk, Arctic Chipmunks

Animals that adapt- Narwhale, Walrus, Arctic Wolf
Arctic animals commonly adapt by obtaining thicker fur, extra layers of blubber, and utilizing camouflage, which is when a brown animal could turn white to blend in with the snowy environment of the arctic.

Plants thats adapt- Arctic poppy, Arctic Willow, Lichens

Food Chains
Producer- Plants
Primary Consumer- Polar Cod
Secondary Consumer- Ringed seal
  • Polar Bear- Ringed Seal
  • Ringed Seal- Polar Cod
  • Polar Cod- Pelagic Crustacean

  • Bacteria, the prime decomposers
  • Mosses, lichen, and fungi








external image web_arctic_willow-300x200.jpg

Arctic willow
"A dwarf shrub that is food for caribou, musk oxen, and arctic hares. The Inuit people call it the “tongue plant” because of the shape of its leaves."

external image web_arctic_poppy_w.jpg

Arctic poppy.
"This plant is about 10-15 cm tall, with a single flower per stem. The flower heads follow the sun, and the cup-shaped petals help absorb solar energy"

external image web_reindeer_lichen-199x300.jpg

"Lichens grow in mats on the ground and on rocks across the Arctic. Lichens provide an important food source for caribou in the winter."

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